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It is the ultimate way to have the best picture of your system condition through having an analytical view on disk usage and space available in regular intervals. On this aspect the Disk Savvy Pro could be one of the finest options available. It nicely deals with your system memory and presents the best outcome.


  • Basic Usage – It basically lets the user to have test and take the analytical view of the complete memory usage through the files present in various folders, disks or any other storage options. ¬†Apart from this, it is having the ability to analyze network shares, and organizational storage systems. It is a nice option for judging the performance of your system.
  • Nicely Arranged and Complete Analysis – The application analyses a specific folder and then shows the complete information about the file it locates. The information includes the size of file, the used space in the present director, etc. Apart from this, you can arrange files in accordance with a certain pattern like extension, date of making, information about usage period, amendment date, etc.
  • Statistical Presentation – The program collects complete information regarding your files and shows it in a statistical view about the amount of memory used by specific file Apart from this, the users can make charts for amount of files per directory, the amount of used space, etc.
  • Filtering Options – It enables user in arranging data through its native file filter tools. Eventually, this arranges the files in accordance with the extension. The prime varieties are going to have certain files like snaps, flicks, etc. Apart from this the secret categories can be made that helps in protecting the private files. The specific analytical outcome can be arranged in a complete report form. You can have the printed copy of it as well.
  • Mentioning about the Needful – The Disk Savvy Pro lets the user having an analytical view on the condition of the disk through having a scan and presenting the outcome observed for specific file or directory. This is one of the finest ways of judging the memory usage. Each analytical report comes in a complete form and it informs about the needful steps to be taken to manage the memory usage properly. On a whole, installing this provides a longer usage life for the product.


There are other contemporaries available for Disk Savvy Pro like DiskFerret, GetFolderSize, etc. However, Disk Savvy Pro comes at the top of the stack for its multiple functionalities.


Disk Savvy Pro has been provided with facilities those are user-friendly and let the users to have the complete idea about the disk space usage, making reports, and managing the files.


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