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With heavy usage and load, hard drive files often get fragmented and when the computer shows the wanted file, processor has to locate all the files which are scattered all over the hard disc. More the fragmented files pile up, the computer takes much time to find the files. Diskeeper Pro is a powerful tool to defrag the hard drive for the user to maintain system health and system file integrity. Its defrag engine is built on an unique algorithm so that it does not take much time to locate all bad sectors and fragmented files.


Diskeeper Pro is an efficient, light-weight software to defrag the hard drive in seconds. This tool features a simple user interface design, which includes large buttons, self-explaining texts which lead the user to main function. In-app help files are very helpful even further for instruction. On the first look the software may look a bit clumsy, but performing tasks like fast scans, scheduled scans are easy enough. This tool runs on the background and do not interfere in the routine task of the processor. This software runs on a unique Instant Defrag engine, which is very efficient in defragging any type of file within a matter of seconds. An added benefit of professional version of this software is the ability to select manually the folders or the drives or the locations to be defragged. Diskeeper Pro helps the user achieve faster PC speed by reducing boot time, managing start-up applications, e-mail and internet browsing. As fragmented files reduce the processor speed, by defragging the bad sectors, Diskeeper Professional increases the processor speed by many folds. This software silently runs the defrag analysis, whenever the computer is idle and solves the fragmentation issues even without knowing you about it. It also extends hard drive life, cures poor battery performance and minimizes required resources.


Some alternatives of Diskeeper Professional are O&O Defrag Professional, UltraDefrag and Smart defrag, etc. However, Diskeeper Pro is a clear winner in this category because of its vast offering and wide range of options. Within its simple architecture, it provides not only the defrag option, but also many types of cleaning options, registry check option and so on. O&O Defrag Profession is also a very popular software. All of these above stated applications are compatible with Windows 8, which is clearly an advantage for users. Some review firms have stated Smart Defrag to have better defrag speed but lacks the interface functionality speed.


Diskeeper Pro is an all-in-one health maintenance software for computer health. Its efficient defrag engine helps the system to remain clean and defragged files help the processor to reach optimum speed. This software is a must have for all kinds of computer user.


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