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DinnerWiz is one such application that can help its users to plan the weekly menu for their dinner. It is not an application that can track the diet although can help users to decide what to cook only for their dinners.


DinnerWiz is an application for the people who cook every day and also do not have full knowledge of cooking. This app can help the users to decide the dishes for the dinner for a week. This might sound unusual as there is no other app that can relate to DinnerWiz. Using this application is very simple. Installation completes in few seconds, depending upon your system. There are no extra special requirements to run this application. When launched for the first time, it will prompt to read the help file on how to use the program. When all necessary instruction has been read out and help file is closed, interface will be opened. Interface of the application is minimal and elegant, similar to that can be found out in a prestigious restaurant. Initially the menu will be empty. Dishes need to be added here, to add a dish click on menu button appearing at the top and automatically 7 dishes will be added to the list. Clicking on the menu again will generate a set of new dishes for a week.

The USP of the application is that the dishes selected do not repeat or repeat after few weeks as it has a huge database of the dishes integrated in to it. In spite of having such a huge database, some other dishes can also be added manually. This can be done by clicking on the setup link at the bottom left corner of the application interface. Also, all of the sets of the dishes are automatically selected without any conjunction. After a list of dishes has been generated, users can also select the dishes which they want to take and which to reject. This selectivity is done by clicking in the dish, which makes it green and accepted. Clicking on the menu again will generate a set of new dishes while retaining the previously selected dishes.


DinnerWiz is an app that lets its users to decide the dinner menu for a whole week. There is a quite large list of dishes database in the application, with the function of manually adding some more dishes. There are no other apps that were developed with the same intention, although some there are some diet applications that may or may not fall into its category.


DinnerWiz is a lightweight utility that helps its users to decide dinner menu for a week. It is one of a kind app as no other app of the same category is found to developed yet. It is very easy to use and a freeware. However, a paid version of this app is also available having some complex functions and a larger database of the dishes.


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