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Dexpot is an efficient desktop management application that allows users to set 20 different desktops with their own sets of wallpapers, background colors, settings, window resolution and icons. Users can switch between the different desktops with ease using a hotkey, through the system tray icon or can even configure the option for the desktops to rotate automatically.


Dexpot is a utility tool that allows configuring 20 different desktops. Desktops can become really cluttered when users have to use multiple applications. It is even truer when several users use the same computer and have their own desktop icons and items. Dexpot allows users to have different desktops in order to help them efficiently manage the access to their desktop items.

Users can individually configure 20 different virtual desktops and switch in between them. The switching can be done by using the hotkey or through the system tray icon. Also the application can be configured to switch between the desktops automatically like a slideshow. This allows all the different desktops to rotate automatically on the screen of the users.

The software also enables users to transfer the windows from one desktop to another or allows them to configure the application to move the windows automatically from desktop to desktop and copy or close the windows. The application supports several customizable options and the users can easily change the settings according to their specifications. The application can be configured to be launched at the Windows startup and users can also set the priority for the application between several options which include low, normal, high and real time.

The application can be configured to change the transparency levels of the desktops using a slider tool and users can also set the colors for the various desktops. Also, the various windows on the desktops can be sorted in the form of tiles. The application has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use. Even new users can easily manage and configure the application. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Virtual Desktop Assist is an application similar to Dexpot. The application allows users to set several different desktops. All these separate desktops can individually run applications or specific programs. Therefore, applications from one desktop will not be displayed on other desktops. This makes the individual desktops clutter free and users can easily segregate applications on the various desktops.


Dexpot is an effective and useful application that makes desktop management an easy task by allowing users to configure up to 20 different virtual desktops. The application enables users to have different desktop items on different desktops and allows for easy toggling between the various desktops either through hotkey or the system tray icon. Also the application can be configured to rotate the desktops automatically.


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