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The DeviceLock is basically an application that has been made exclusively for the network technicians. Through the application, the administrators become able in going through the USB and FireWire slots. In addition, other connectivity options like Wi-Fi, adaptors, storage devices like PDAs, CD-ROMS can be accessed by the user as well.


The tool lets users with the chance of dealing with the systems in the network to be examined, set a link with the LPAD server, etc. You can set access details like username and password to specific PCs or network zones and make the port settings done.

Apart from this, one can easily make several projects and arrange them in accordance with certain criteria, or scan the subjects in accordance with the log files or specific reports. The application can be used as native wizard for having the comparative analysis of the earlier saved projects and keep the outcomes in any of the suitable formats like txt. DeviceLock is made available with various plug-in those are especially constructed for assisting you in viewing and examining the work files, setting the ultimate size, upgrade the application for the PCs, create report that does have the protection check steps for the specific devices and other options as well.

The tool allows users in describing a line-up with the users those are having the administrative flexibility for the DeviceLock service. It has the option for setting the alert pattern, pick the risky files, set a message pattern to be shown upon the usage are not accepted. Most importantly, the program has the option to support for native activities and make an entire access regarding the port and device functionalities.


There are other options like Device Lock are available as well. For example, USB Flash Security. It works really nice in terms of screening of the USB devices, and can function well with most of the operating systems like Windows 7/8/8.1, etc. Another similar option can be Netwrix USB Locker. It keeps your system safe against threats via USB devices. The application supports most of the operating systems as of above.


Device Lock is rich with various important specs for helping the users in setting access for certain devices. Especially, the tool is best for improved groups of users. Despite handling so many tasks the application consumes really least of the system space and has very less impact over the processor and operating systems. It consumes of 397 MB of system resource.


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