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DesktopSnowOK is a simple and light weight application that allows you to display snowflakes to your screen. The application virtually displays animated snowflakes on the screen. The application can be configured to specify the number of snowflakes to be displayed on the screen and also the level of transparency and also change the shapes.


DesktopSnowOK is an easy application which allows virtually creating snowflakes on the screen of your computer. The program allows users to determine the number of snowflakes to be displayed on the screen. These can range between 5 and 64. Users can also determine the speed of the snowflakes and the transparency levels at which these flakes will be displayed.

Users can also choose when the application needs to switch off the snowflakes like when the mouse is moved or a keyboard button is clicked. This makes the application function like a screensaver which functions only when the computer is not being used. The application interface has a slider that helps control the snowflakes being displayed on the screen.

The snowflakes can be displayed in several shapes and can be accordingly configured by the users. The options include regular spherical shaped white coloured snowflakes, random shaped flakes, flowers, multi coloured snowflakes, stars, ball shaped objects such as tennis, baseball and football and few other shapes and designs.

The application includes snowflakes to be displayed in 2 different forms which are blow and snowfall. Users can modify the algorithms of the applications and determine the snowflakes options. The application can be launched from the system startup tray and does not require any installation process. DesktopSnowOK is a portable application which can be carried and transferred in a portable device. Since the program does not require any specific installation procedure, it does not leave any trace in the Windows Registry. The program has an intuitive interface and even new users can easily operate the application. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


LotsaSnow is an application similar to DesktopSnowOK. The application displays falling snow on the screen of the users and every snowflake on the screensaver has a unique form similar to real life snowflakes. Let it Snow is another application which is also similar to DesktopSnowOK. The application incorporates a real physics engine to deliver the most accurate effects and includes the effects of wind.


DesktopSnowOK is a simple and yet attractive application, which gives a fresh look to the screen of the users by adding the effect of snowflakes to them. The application allows users to specify the number, size, shapes and transparency levels of the snowflakes.


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