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DesktopCal is a simple utility tool that displays calendar on the desktop of the users. It is a highly useful time management tool and easily blends with the desktop of the users while allowing the users to view their desktop icons. Users can simply click on the specific dates to add notes and also view dates from the past and the future.


DesktopCal is a very simple and yet a highly useful application that helps users to manage their schedules efficiently. The application allows users to add specific items to the dates on their calendar. This can be done by simply double clicking on the dates to which they want to add their schedule items. The users can also assign different colors to the different dates and this makes it easy to distinguish between the various dates and the scheduled items.

The application efficiently performs the function of a time and date management tool and helps users to keep a track and monitor their schedules. The application can be added to the desktop of the users and can easily blend with the background of the desktop. This enables the users to easily view their desktop items without the application blocking the view.

Users can choose whether they want to view the desktop background or completely block it from the view. They can also specify the images which will be featured in the background and can also change after a few minutes. The program can be configured to change the background images every 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes and entire folders with images can be added to the background. Also the position of the images can be specified and can be set as centered, stretch, fit, tile or fill.

The software is highly customizable and can be configured according to the specifications of the users. It also supports several languages which include English, French, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. The application is easy to be installed and operated. It has a highly intuitive interface making it very easy for even new users to effectively and effortlessly use the application. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Desktop iCalendar Lite is an application similar to DesktopCal. The application functions as a widget and is featured in the top left hand corner of the desktop. Users can add reminders, events, alarms, to-do lists and several other items to the calendar. The application features three different sections which are to-do lists, events and calendars. The application has an icon for the system tray and can be easily accessed by clicking on it. The application has a simple interface and is easy to use.


DesktopCal is a high utility application that helps with easy management of the schedules and events. The program blends with the background of the desktop and does not block the view. It also allows adding images to the background which can be configured to change every few minutes. Users can also assign different colors for separate dates and can add items to the specific days of the calendar by double clicking on them.


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