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Desktop Earth is a simple utility application, which displays a satellite image of earth on the screen of the computer. The application can be configured to display images of the earth based on the time zone and location settings of the users. Users can also determine the cloud cover and other effects to be displayed on the screen.


Desktop Earth is a utility tool that displays the image of the earth captured from the satellites on the desktop screen of the users. The images are displayed according to the different times of the day and the location settings of the users.

Users can specify their locations to deliver the images of earth according to their own geographical locations. Also, the images are displayed based on the time settings of the users and the effects change accordingly. Effects such as morning, afternoon, evening and night are displayed on the basis of the current geographical location and time.

The location of the user is displayed in the center of the screen and the images are displayed with precision according to time and location. The extent of the cloud cover can also be determined by the users. Also, the day and night effects can be selected from the dropdown menu included in the application. Other effects which can be added to the image include city lights based on the location of the users.

Users can specify the time intervals when the images need to be updated. This can range between a minute and hour. The application can run as a screensaver as well as a desktop item. The program has an intuitive interface and can be easily used and configured by the users. Also, the program uses low system resources and despite frequent updates to the displayed images, the effect on the processing power of the computer is least affected. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


EarthView is an application similar to Desktop Earth. The program displays images of Earth in the form of screensavers and wallpapers. The application includes several configuration options and allows users to specify multiple setting options such as cities, clouds, night and day views, background, density and visibility of cities and other several options. The software has an easy to use and intuitive interface and can be easily operated even by new users.


Desktop Earth is a useful application for displaying beautiful images of Earth on the desktop of users. The program delivers different images of Earth on the basis of the time and location of the users. Users can specify the frequency at which the images are to be updated and also specify other settings such as time based display and the thickness of the cloud cover.


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