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DeskPins is a great tool that helps user to manage their Windows application. DeskPins is very easy to use and it helps user to assign various rules in the control panel program by using titles of Windows. DeskPins improves the user interface and provides user the ease to keep a Window in front with a single click. DeskPins Installation is very quick and after installation it puts a small icon in the system tray of Windows. If user wants any window to stay on top, clicking on the icon changes your cursor into a pin which you simple left click onto a window in order to attach the pin. All done!! This window is going to stay on top instead of getting minimized in the taskbar.


DeskPins is a very powerful tool as it provides so many features like managing unlimited amount of pins on your Window, easy to manage various types of programs and it also enables hotkeys usage for faster access. Over and above this DeskPins is easy to use, very lightweight and with unlimited pins user can keep multiple windows on top and pinned windows will appear like any other normal windows in relation to each other but will always stick on top of unpinned windows.


There are so many similar window pinning tools available in the market and FileBox eXtender is one of them. This tool adds a setting on top button directly to the window that makes the task more intuitive and simpler compared to the DeskPins because every time user have to drop the pin in order to unpin them. On the other hand, there are few drawbacks of using FileBox eXtender and there is a possibility that pin support may not work on some skinned or DOS command windows. DeskPinsis complete solution in itself and the best part of this software is that you don’t have to pay anything in order to use it.


There are so many Windows application available in the software market for similar work. However, DeskPins needs to be more innovative and needs to add more features from time to time. This tool works perfectly with almost all the version of Windows. After installation user can open the program, then click on the icon at the bottom right just next to your other running programs and pin the desired windows.


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