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DeskNotifier helps you to connect your Android phone to a windows based desktop. The idea behind creating this application is that it will not let you miss the basic activities of your phone such as call alerts, text messages and any kind of third party notifications. It is designed for the convenience of those who are continuously working on their desktop or laptops for long hours and can’t find the time to keep a tab on their normal phone activities.


The DeskNotifier helps to connect the phone activities to the desktop so that all notifications and activities of the phone can be updated in one place. The application has to be downloaded on the Android phone as well as on the desktop as well. After appropriate settings are done the DeskNotifier can start working either through Wifi or USB cable.

When there is any kind of activity happening on the phone such as receiving of calls there will be a notification triggered on the desktop about the same. The application works for text messages as well. So, if there is any text message received on the phone, the DeskNotifier tray on the desktop will alert about the same. However, the most convenient thing is that one can reply to the text through the DeskNotifier itself from the PC or laptop using the reply feature displayed. So there is no need to take the phone in hand for this case. The contact list will be automatically displayed in order to select a recipient. This is only restricted for SMS messages and not for any external party services. The application is created in order to connect two different systems so that maximum information is available on a single screen and saves time to toggle between two devices.


With regards to DeskNotifier there is no other alternative app yet introduced that works on the similar lines. PortableApps is an application which works on the similar concept, but only for the portable versions of different browsers such as Firefox, torrent, Skype and many more.


The main intention of this DeskNotifier application is to divert all the important activities of the cell phone to a single screen and is intended to help users who work for long hours on a PC or laptop and do not find the time to pay attention to their phone activities. With this application, it will be easier to pay attention to all the real time notification and respond accordingly through the phone connected application. It’s a user friendly way to be alerted about keeping in tab of most of the phone activities in one single screen.


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