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Deskman is a highly efficient desktop security application which allows users to set restricted access to their computers, system drives, USB ports, external devices and system settings. The program enables setting restrictions to the various elements of a computer and thereby increases the security of the system by ensuring restricted access to the computer.


Deskman is an effective application for enhancing the security of a computer. The application helps users protect their computers by restricting the access to the various critical elements of their computers such as the system drives, hard drives, USB drives, external devices, shortcut options and system settings.

The program allows users to disable specific keyboard commands, restrict the access to Internet Explorer. The program can be configured to block the auto run programs and hide specific start menu items. The interface of the application has many menu bar, shortcut buttons and several tabs which support easy management of the application and its features.The application has a panel termed as ‘Policies’ which can be used to configure the application for effecting changes to the system, taskbar options, changing of icons, Internet Explorer features, Windows Explorer, access to the recycle bin, menu options, network drives and specific folders and protection of the icons in the notifications area. The application supports blocking of specific mouse gestures and can be configured to enforce the users to type the username and password.

Deskman has a web interface incorporated with it, which allows remote access to the application for the purpose of monitoring and management. The application also has custom security features which allow users to specify their own security parameters and exceptions. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


SentryPC is an application similar to Deskman. The application is a computer monitoring application which includes features such as filtering of content, restricting access to the various features and applications, time management recording of the user activities and other such restrictive features. The program allows administrators access to real time cloud management and hence making changes to the settings and monitoring of activities over the Internet through cloud management.


Deskman is a useful and effective computer access management application which specifies the restrictions which can be imposed over the users while accessing a computer system. The application allows users to manage it over the Internet and specific the settings which are to be incorporated for specific users. Admin users can specify the kind of applications, which are to be restricted from access, the system settings, changing of icons, network drive restrictions and many other restriction types. This increases the security of a computer and the data stored on the hard drive, external drives as well as network drives.



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