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Every now and then, there come up new software with new interfaces and different functionalities, which need proper guidance and significant tutorials. Many of program users are known to learn and master the use of software by watching visual tutorials and firmly defined steps in videos. Demo Builder typically helps to build and create user interactive videos and flash movies that are mainly created to show or depict how applications run. Basically, Demo Builder enables the system to record the applications running on the system, along with the ability to automatically record actions and record every event that takes place on the system screen by taking screenshots.


Demo Builder helps the user create movies instantaneously. The software enables recording of high quality videos of the actions taking place on the system screen. Alternatively, if the required data is already available in the system, then it can be imported to the Demo Builder in the form of stack of images or parts of an existing video files. It is known for its exceptional ability to provide 3D effects to the movie. This means that Demo Builder can provide a relative elasticity just like holding a camera and recording movie in X, Y and Z axis. Peculiar effect of this class is Zoom-n-Pan, specifically designed to focus on a particular area in order to gain viewer’s attention. The created movies have been structured to be able to be directed as per user needs. Features like Timeline (to keep track of the video selected), player bar (functions like play, rewind, forward, and pause), Start and End options fall under the directional options for the movie given by Demo Builder. Simply creating movies is not the only aim. Providing information within the movie by means of balloons, texts and notes is also important, which is provided by Demo Builder. The structured movie can be edited accordingly to provide relevant information.


Software to provide on screen recording and live recording have been devised now and then, some have persisted and some faded. Demo Builder has created a solid spot in the market of on screen recording. Though software like FastStone Capture have been built on the same guidelines, but then they finally lack in the requisite features like editing the movie efficiently to user’s feasibility. The directional viewpoints of Demo Builder are quite strong, and so is its flexibility.


Demo Builder is a masterpiece in itself for the ability to build a movie out of a scrap and with minimal efforts. The software is lightweight and user interface is quite friendly. Additional features like dynamic 3D styling, Zoom-n-Pan, etc. distinguish Demo Builder from other software working on the same guidelines.


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