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Delete files by date is an easy to use tool which is used to remove the files from the computer based on the date created, modified or last accessed. It has several filters, which could be selected by the user. It also helps in searching by size and type as well in addition to searching by date.


The user interface is very easy to understand and can be used by anybody with little or no experience. There is an option to search the files in 2 ways with respect to type. It could be done either by searching all files at a time or by selecting the types of files to be searched like doc, XL, JPG, etc. Next option is the date selection. There are 3 ways to select the date. One is by created date, second is before date and the third is a range of dates. All these 3 come with drop down menus. By specifying the “Created date” option, user can get the files created on a specific date. “Before date” helps in listing the files created before a specific date. The user also has an option to give the range of dates. The date and time can be selected using drag and drop option or can be manually entered.

User can customize the size of the files, which they wish to delete. The drop down is present here as well for the user to select the size in MB. Once all these are selected, one can choose the path of the folder in which the files have to be searched for. The path of the file could be either browsed or can be written directly. One can choose as many folders required using this option.

By clicking the Find option, the tool lists the names of the files with its type, location, size and the date created. User can review these options before deleting the files. Either single file or multiple files can be deleted at a time. The tool also lists the total number of files found based on the date. This tool comes with the portable feature of the installation. Software when installed does not store in the windows registry like desktop or start menu. This software can be easily copied to removable hard disk or USB and can be used to remove files in any of the computers by simply plugging the USB device and removing the files by date.


Advanced Systemcare free, Ccleaner, simplistic simpliclean are few of the similar tools available for deletion of files from computer. Delete files by date is one of the most beneficial tools because of its easy usability and less space utilization. Storing the application in the external, device and using as and when required makes it highly portable software compared to other tools. Installation of the application does not require any cost which makes this tool a high quality, cheap and easy to use tool.


Normal Windows operating system in itself supports deletion of files by date. But it does not help in searching the files available in different folders. If the user needs to delete the files based on date in different folders on a PC, then Delete Files By Date is one of the best tools available for this purpose.


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