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DefenseWall has the ability to protect users from malicious malware and spyware will they are browsing the internet. This program is able to give you an extra layer of protection, while running unnoticed in the background. DefenseWall can also detect and remove adware and even difficult rootkits. The software is easy to install, and does not require any advanced knowledge.


DefenseWall features the latest in innovation proactive security technologies, with a program that is easy to install. The software separates all applications into two different sections, trusted and untrusted. Any app that appears to come from an internet source is automatically moved to the untrusted section. Here the apps can safely run without danger of infecting the system. This includes all web browsers, MP3 files, email and instant messaging contacts. Within the simple interface, users will have the ability to monitor up to five tabs at one time. It will also display any threats that might have been attached to the app. More experienced computer users, will find the software’s “Advanced” tab helpful. This will let you modify untrusted programs, and even create a set a secured files that are always protected against threats.


While DefenseWall does not compare to any antivirus programs, the software is one of the highest rated personal firewall programs. It has the ability to safely divide your applications to prevent threats from infecting your computer’s systems. The program will also keep users informed of the number of untrusted sources running, and the option to either stop them individually or as a group. In tests, the software was quickly able to identify any unknown connection and choose the appropriate measures.


If you are looking for additional protection for your computer, than DefenseWall has the ability to detect any malicious threat that might come from an internet connection. The program will separate the applications, and run any untrusted in a isolated section. The easy to navigate interface lets you see any malware or spyware that may have been attached, and will also give you the option to stop the application. While it is not an antivirus program, it does give computer users an extra level of protection when they are browsing online.


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