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DC++ is a file sharing client for Direct connect File sharing network. Direct connect is a file sharing protocol, which works more or less like a chat room community, and these communities in case of direct connect network are individual servers known as ‘Hubs’. DC++ is a standard client for direct connect file sharing network as prescribed by it community. Users are required to set a username and select a connection type, to share files in a hub. Some of the hubs are limited to be used when files to be send are above certain size as prescribed by the admin of the hub. There are many great features of this software that are very useful for the users.


DC++ is a file sharing software that makes sharing of files over internet a pleasant task, allowing its users to transfer files using Direct Connect Protocol. This software can be considered as Social sharing files hub, where hubs act as a chat room. In such hubs, users can send messages too, which are packed with social networking. Each of these hubs is organized by a fellow user of the Direct Connect network and this user maintains regulations. Using this application is quite simple as no additional complex commands are present. Also, its interface is clean and simple. DC++ is open source and available freely under GNU GPL license. Using DC++, you can join multiple hubs simultaneously unless you violate the rules of certain hubs. Additionally, there is a resume capability in all the downloading tasks provided by this application. Users can search for a particular file in a hub, and they can find additional sources for a single file to accelerate download speed. There are several other technical specifications like Tiger Tree Hashes, which are used for file integrity, support Magnet Linking, Segmented Downloading, NAT-Transversal support, etc.


DC++ works on Direct Connect Protocol .There are several other file transfer clients that works on the same protocol like Strong DC++, Apex DC++, AIR Dc++, etc. All of these applications work more or less the same way as DC++. However, there are certain major features of DC++ that makes it more useful and appealing to the user. It uses TTH for file integrity that is not found in much of the other applications, also it is easy to use and configure for both experts and beginners. In addition, it does not require any extra support elements for its compatibility. However, users might be sometimes puzzled during installation of the application as it is quite complex.


DC++ is an open source file-sharing client that works on Direct Connect Protocol. However, there are certain similar software’s available in market, but it remains on the top of the list and has been announced as a standard client for using Direct Connect Protocol by Direct Connect network community. It has several advantages as simpler interface, it uses TTH for files integrity, magnet link support and many other that makes it a standard client.


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