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The databases can be created, edited, and viewed easily using third party database management applications. Using such applications, the user can easily work with the database without any programming experience. There are software programs that allow the user to export the data from the databases but don’t allow the user to convert the database files. DBF Converter is a standalone application that allows the user to convert the database files into various available formats.


DBF Converter is a step by step wizard-like application, which enables the user to convert the database files into other formats. This program can also process individual database files or batch process large number of database files in the command line interface. The convertible formats include SQL, XLS, XML, CSV, XLSX, TXT, HTML, PRG, SDF, RTF (Rich Text Format), and other database formats such as dBase type III and type IV, FoxPro, and Delphi.

It is a lightweight program that consumes less amount of PC memory and provides faster performance even while handling more database files at the same time. The interface of this program is very simple and plain. It is a wizard-like application and the users of any type can be able to work easily without any hinders as they are guided in each and every step.

The drag and drop feature is available in this application by which the users can upload many database files and process them at the same time. In addition to this conversion feature, other important and most required features are also available. The filters can be applied to the database tables to filter out the required data and convert that required data into a suitable form. The user can also select a specific column manually and convert them. Unlike the other programs, DBF Converter provides the ability to put advanced masks and rules into any field of the sample record.


Some alternatives of DBF Converter are DBF Converter Web App, DBFView, CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor and many more. DBF Converter Web App is not a standalone application and it is an online database file converter that requires an active internet connection to work with and it also converts the file into only 3 formats HTML, CSV TXT, and SQL. DBFView is subdivided into different converters. Each and every software should be downloaded to convert the database file into required file format. CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor can be used to export the database selectively and as a whole. It comes with a lot of power packed features.


DBF Converter is simple to use, intuitive application and brilliant piece of software that helps the database administrators in a handy way.


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