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It is always a pain to keep changing DVDs in and out of your optical drive when you are watching movies or playing games. It actually slows down your recreation considerably. Ardent gamers will tell you how irksome it feels to have to leave a copyright-protected CD in the drive in order to keep on paying. This is why there are paid products such as AnyDVD that emulate DVD drives.


Daemon Tools Lite is one great emulator that comes free of charge. DAEMON stands for Disk And Execution Monitor tools. It is basically a virtual drive that comes with optical authoring program designed for Windows operating system. It is a free tool that helps you to create and burn disk images which can be mounted on up to 4 virtual drives on your PC. The virtual drives work like a normal optical drives but does not require any physical open/close movements.

Daemon Tools Lite is designed with the user’s needs in mind. This is why its developers included a number of features aimed at making it as easy to use and functional as possible. The program allows you to create, save, and mount images of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs. The software supports SecuRom, SafeDisc, and RMPS which are programs that help you to backup your data easily. Deamon Tools Lite comes with an easy to use and functional interface. It also includes a Tools gadget which you can use to access the program’s main features directly from your PC’s desktop.
It support multiple formats including modern ones such asn .mdx, .iso, and .flac amnong many others. You can also copy bootable discs with this program. It comes with full support for Alcohol 120% images and RMPS-Media. The Lite version of Daemon Tools comes free of charge and can help you save power on your Notebook and the life of your DVD ROM.


Daemon Tools Lite has a number of advantages over emulators such as the Audio Burner Plus, the MP3 Burner Plus, and AnyDVD emulators. For example, it does not use proprietary container format. This makes it more compatible with burning software programs than most of its competitors. Unlike other paid versions such as AnyDVD, Daemon Tools Lite is available free charge.


Daemon Tools Lite can even store your DVD content in your PC’s hard disk for easy access when you need it. The files are saved as Media Data Extended or MDX format. Daemon Tools Lite has plain and simple to use interface. Daemon Tools Lite emulates a maximum of 4 DVD drives and is compatible with CD or DVD images created by most of the burning programs in the market today.


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