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Keeping track of your photos and videos is easy now with Mediashow Ultra. These precious photos are meant to be shared, but finding and tracking them can be difficult. Now, it can be simple and easy to find and send any photo in seconds. You will also be able to arrange all your photos and create professional quality home movies and slide shows.


With Mediashow Ultra, it is easy to organize and manage your photos. Some of the great features included in the software includes calendar view, which organizes your photos by date, and the new instant view which lets you quickly skim through the images in a folder without having to open the folder. Other innovative features include, FaceMe and tagging functions, which find and organize your photos according to the tags they have been given.


Only Mediashow Ultra offers the ability to organize by date, and quickly browse through images without opening a folder. With calender tags and instant view, you can quickly and easily find and share your photos. In comparison to other media organizing software, and only CyberLinks software allows you to not only tag by facial recognition, but it also allows for easy sharing and managing all of your Facebook friends and photos in one place.


MediaShow Ultra is perfect for managing large amounts of photos and videos online. Easily tag and organize your images by date, or face. Store all of your Facebook friends and family in one place, and easily access and tag their photos with the software. CyberLinks media organizing software also lets users fix photos and create professional slide shows that will amaze everyone. You can even organize and play any of your 3D images as well. With software from CyerLink, managing your online photos is easy and even fun.


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