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There are times when you need to hide your IP due to some reasons. And this is for what you look for some quality VPN services or software. CyberGhost VPN is a personal VPN service which is easy to use and can hide the online activity from the eavesdroppers which can be pretty useful to you in such cases. Through this, IP address can be spoofed and content which is restricted to a certain geographic location can be viewed.


CyberGhost VPN is free of cost. To make use of the application, an account is required which helps to access the interface which displays the IP address of the computer. A private network can be made by selecting “Connect to VPN” button. Every computer is provided with an IP address assigned by the ISP and this IP address is used to figure out the geographic location of the data centre of ISP. Normally, it is closer to the actual geographical location. Thus, by changing the IP address, it is difficult to trace the online activity of the user and it is possible to access a service that is restricted by the geographic region. And that’s the reason why this software is used to change the geographic region and hide the IP address which is assigned to the ISP with one drawn from the pool of servers.

Even if the location is not to be hidden, CyberGhost VPN helps in encrypting all the online traffic and the data remains hidden in an open wireless network. It is possible to choose any server of the choice. Once connected, IP address can be viewed and the location is known in the Server map section. Now, the internet serving can be done as it is done before without having tension of data being stolen.

There is another feature which makes the connection security even stronger. All the browser cookies as well as the history are deleted, and this software checks the password security and restricts any type of mail sending. To send e-mails, e-mail client which is in the exception list of program need to be registered firstly. All the PC internet connections are supported by this software. It offers a high performance server network where minimal delays are experience by the basic users while premium users hardly notice any difference.


Alternatives of CyberGhost VPN are OpenVPN, HideMyAss and I2P. OpenVPN is a SSL VPN which is provided with full features and accommodates a wide range of configuration like site to site VPNs, remote access and Wi-Fi security. HideMyAss is a premium VPN service of the world which gives access to the biggest VPN network in the world and provides more servers than any other VPN service. I2P can identify sensitive applications and can use to securely communicate. Out of all these, CyberGhost VPN is a better one as it provides a virtual private network which is free of cost.


Even if CyberGhost VPN is Europe centric, it is still able to accomplish all the tasks perfectly with fewer ads and there is no dropdown in its performance. It comes with an easy to use interface with strong account security with its extensive list of server in Europe.


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