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CuteFTP is a powerful File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that allows the users to upload and download the files from FTP server very easily. This program comes with integrated security features and can even transfer files to a mobile device.


CuteFTP allows the users to transfer the files from a local computer to any accessible server on the internet. The files such as pictures, web pages, text documents and others can be transferred to and fro.

This program features a multi-panel interface with various configuration options. Using the multi-panels, the user can browse through the files and folders on both remote and local servers/computers. The files can be easily dragged and dropped for uploading them to the remote server. The drag and drop feature supports up to 100 concurrent files at a time. It is easy to work with this program because of the step by step connection wizard. The user can add and maintain the sites easily with the help of this wizard. Each and every tab is color-coded in order to differentiate them. Classic/Professional modes can be switched based on the preference of the user. The interface also comes with right-click shell integration.

CuteFTP supports standard FTP, FTPS (Secure), SSH2, TappIn, OpenPGP, WebDAV, OTP, and HTTPS connections. Using an additional feature called TappIn, the user can securely share the files on the remote or local computer with other devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, desktop, laptop, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

There are many management features available in this program. The user can filter the files by their name, date of creation, or last modified date, size, and file type. There is an advanced search option available to help the users in finding the required file from a local or remote server. The folders can also be synchronized along with the files. This program provides local backup and site backup features. The sites can be safely backed up as an archive file and copied to an external storage device or it can be synchronized online. The integrated editor can be used to edit the HTML and CSS files and text documents, etc. In addition to this, the user can create and run custom scripts and macros to save the time. The user can easily monitor for the changes in the local folders. Podcast management, RSS feeds, and audio files can be created and managed with this program. Multiple remote sites can be managed at a time securely and safely. It also supports multiple transfers and site-to-site transfers. The file transfer can be scheduled for a particular time and can also be resumed. Moreover, it compresses the large files during the transfer to save the bandwidth.


Some alternatives of CuteFTP are SmartFTP and FileZilla. SmartFTP has lot of additional features such as cloud storage integration, Mode Z compression and many more. But, SmartFTP cannot be used to manage the large number of files at a time. FileZilla’s interface is similar to the interface of CuteFTP. But, for the sake of performance, FileZilla can be used to manage only a single site at a time.


CuteFTP is a robust program that can handle the large number of transfers and number of sites at the same time in a hassle freeway. Thus, it reduces the bandwidth consumption and comforts the user.


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