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Viruses and malware can slow down the performance of your computer. You need a trusted antivirus solution to protect your computer from threats and malicious programs. Crystal X is a straightforward application that can detect and remove malicious and suspicious programs from your computer. The program doesn’t require you to install it to use its features. This is because the application connects to the cloud immediately allowing you to blacklist the suspicious programs. Crystal X is a freeware and works with most of the windows platforms.


Crystal X comes with a fast detection algorithm against Trojans, viruses, malware, spams and other threats on the internet. The application offers real-time notification about changes occurring on your computer. The main window allows you to start the checkup mode. This mode continuously checks your system. Crystal X also features an efficient scan mode that helps the user to scan online files with valkyrie, Nicta Tech, CAMAD or VirusTotal. With this feature, you can rest assure no malicious program can get access to or make changes on your system. The application allows you to blacklist some programs or move them to the whitelist. The settings option enables you to choose the types of files to check, the protection and backup modes and block programs as well. You need an internet connection because the software relies on cloud network connection to verify files.


Norman Security Suite PRO is one of the programs that can protect your PC from malware just like Crystal X. The program’s antimalware feature identifies, blocks and removes malware from your computer. The program protects you from internet threats just like Crystal X does. The program also uses cloud based technology to protect your PC.


XANA Evolution Antivirus is lightweight software that can protect your computer from viruses. The user interface of this software is, however, poor compared to the Crystal X.


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