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Crystal DiskMark is a useful systems tool which can benchmark the read and write speeds of hard disks including solid state drives. The application can perform multiple read and write operations in a random or a sequential manner.


Crystal DiskMark is an efficient tool for benchmarking the read and write speeds of the hard disks. The application can perform sequential as well as random tests on the drives which are selected. Users can specify the number of benchmarking operations to be performed by the application while reading and writing on the hard disks.

The program performs the benchmarking activities in a thorough manner and allows users to specify the data sample size. The results are displayed in Mega bites per second and also supports benchmarking of solid state drives (SSD). The application is portable and does not require any specific configuration. Users need to specify the destination directory and no other installation procedure is needed. This makes it very easy to complete the setup process of the application. The program has an intuitive interface and a very simple and easy to operate procedure. Even new users can dexterously operate the application. The design and the interface of the application is user friendly and it displays the test results in the main window. The application barely requires few minutes to complete the benchmarking operation and it is advisable to close all other applications before running the application.

The software uses low amount of system resources and does not hamper the performance of the processor or RAM. Since it is portable, it can be carried in external removable devices and can be used to benchmark the hard disk performance of any computer. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


ATTO Disk Benchmark is an application similar to Crystal DiskMark. The application efficiently monitors the performance of the drives on a computer by benchmarking their read and write speeds. The program supports hard disks, RAID arrays, solid-state drives and even hybrid drives. The application allows benchmarking for various data sample sizes.


Crystal DiskMark is a high utility tool for performing the benchmarking operations on hard disks. The application supports hard disks including solid state drives. It allows random as well sequential benchmarking operations and the users are allowed to select the size of sample data for benchmarking. The program is a standalone application and does not require any specific installation procedure.


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