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CrossGL Reminder Clock is a very high quality clock, which could be used in the desktops. This is just not a clock which shows time, but has various other features in it. It performs many utility functions like setting of reminders and alarms, writing sticky notes for reminders, etc.


This clock comes with an option of setting the alarm. The look alike is same as the physical clock with one small hand, big hand and the second hand. It displays the time in both digital as well as in the analog mode. One has to just right click the clock to get desired options on the clock. Once, right clicked, it gives many options like tools, settings, adding sticky notes, repeating reminders, add alarm and date event, clock tweaks, hide gadgets, keep on top, etc.

Using shift access key is basically the shortcut key, which can be set by the keyboard.

  • Add sticky notes through a short cut option of Winkey + N.
  • Add Alarm through a shortcut key of Alt + Ctrl + 1.
  • Add on date event through a shortcut key of Alt + Ctrl + 2.

Add sticky notes option helps the user to write things which they wants to remember in the near future. These sticky notes are available on the desktop, so that the user can set the reminder for things they needs to do, while viewing it.

Additionally, reminder action can be set in 3 automated ways. This includes capturing the screen shots, uploading or downloading the files, mailing options, rebooting the computer and many more either once or in a repeated manner. The Action performed can be entitled and the actions includes opening the document, displaying images or displaying the web page. This could be implemented by browsing and opening the file through various file types or by random files. Second action that can be performed is playing music for the alarm. Third action includes capturing and saving the image. It is possible to capture the clock image or web image from the background of the clock or even capture the desktop screenshot.


Orzeszek Timer, Vector Clocks are some of the tools which work like a CrossGL reminder clock. This clock is distinct because of its reminder features, which are integrated and unique. The interface comes in such a manner that it could be placed anywhere on the desktop. This clock is well known for its reminder action feature.


The CrossGL Reminder Clock is a clock with multiple features. Once the reminder is due, it shows the action either as a sticky note or as a text around the clock. Users have the option to abort the task or make the clock take the action. Tasks can be done in an automated manner, without user intervention, which makes this tool a superb tool.


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