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CPU-Z is a lightweight utility application that provides its users detailed information of all the hardware and software resources of any particular machine on which it is installed. It is freeware which gathers all information of a system such as CPU, Main board, Memory, System, etc.


CPU-Z is a software application that was developed to extract all system information and present its users in a way easier to understand. It is a free application and can be used by both professionals and novice. Installing CPU-Z is an easy task as it installs smoothly without any errors. Users can also move to a portable version of the app, to start using it without installing. When it comes to the interface, it is rather simple that what could be expected, with no highlight and fancy colours or customized interface.

Although the information is neatly organised into sections which are further distributed in a figurative manner. As soon as it is installed onto any machine, it integrates itself to the system. It might take some time to gather all the requested information when it starts for the first time. The whole of the information can be found into categories as CPU, Caches, Main board, Memory, SPD and graphics information. When any one of the label head is accessed, it will display the respective information. For instance CPU will have following information as name and number, Core stepping, Processes, Packages, Core Voltages, Internal and External Clocks, Instruction Set, Architecture, cache information, etc. Each head will have the respective sub heads containing information. This hierarchical presentation makes it easier to understand and easily gather information. All of this information can be imported to a text file or an HTML file. Also, there are certain constraints which have real time values such as clock speed, bus speed along with rated FSB. CPU usage is minimum, and do not affect the system performance.


CPU-Z is a small system utility to gather system information when installed on a specific machine. The information so obtained can be used to compare two or more machine for a specific application. There are several other apps that do the same common task of extracting system information. Some of such apps are Everest Home Edition, Belarc Advisor, etc. All of these applications work more or less same, although with different interface. Talking about the features there is a common feature in all of the apps, however there are other apps which have some added features such as in Everest, some additional tools like benchmarking is available which is absent in CPU-Z.


There is a certain category of apps that helps users to extract system information from their machine. CPU-Z resides to that category. There are many other apps in the same category. When compared all of those apps, CPU-Z somewhat lags behind some apps like Everest Home Edition as it contains some added functionalities which is not found in CPU-Z. So, if basic harware information is what you are looking for, CPU-Z is the best application for this section.


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