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WinDVD Pro is a DVD and Blue-ray 3D playback program. It allows you to watch either DVDs or Blue-ray Discs in 3D by converting them from two dimensions into three easily. It supports AVCHD and all of the most recent formats as well. WinDVD Pro has already sold 250 million copies of this program and it is one of the best and well known software of its type.


It has features like 3D playback technology, HD upscaling and the best sound too. WinDVD Pro comes with 3D glasses so that you can enjoy your newly converted movie the right way. It also has an advanced search engine unique to this program, called FlixFinder, which searches the internet for all of your favorite movies, compares the prices to find the cheapest, and allows you to bookmark you favorites.


There are a lot of companies that make this kind of program and when it comes to movie software, most people don’t shop around; they just chose the first one they see or hear about. This program may be much better than all of the others, but unless they can get the word out in a way most people will hear about, they could lose business to a lesser company.


WinDVD Pro seems to be the mother of all programs of its kind. There have been many previous versions, but this one definitely takes the cake. It seems to have everything you could want in movie software and so much more. With a feature made specifically to search for movies, while at the same time saving you money, how could you go wrong buying something this innovative and unique ?


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