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The Corel PaintShop Pro X6 is the latest (16th) edition of the popular photo-editing software package for PC users. Now available in a new 64-bit version, the PaintShop Pro X6 is faster and more powerful than its predecessors and allows its users to work with larger files than ever before. The Pro X6 is designed to appeal to a wide variety of shutterbugs, from novices to professionals, and is priced for the budget-conscious photographer at around $80.00.


There are a number of new features that come with the PaintShop Pro, headed by the availability of both 32-bit and 64-bit design. The new Auto Selection enables users to select a portion of an image to create an entire picture by simply dragging a frame to encompass the desired section.
Other additions include the Smart Selection Brush, for shading and texturing, and there is also a video tutorial library, the Discovery Center, where people can expand their knowledge base and refine photographic techniques. Social networking has been enhanced through the Share My Trip feature, a GPS based locator which supports both Facebook and Dropbox.


The PaintShop Pro a provides a good-quality budget-pleasing alternative to the much higher-priced Adobe Photoshop, which runs hundreds of dollars more than PaintShop, and has moved into a subscription use format. The Adobe product is justifiably more expensive, with its advanced features, graphic quality and performance, particularly when working with RAW image data.
The PaintShop Pro X6, even with 64-bit power, is still too slow for some photographers, especially when work needs to meet tight deadlines. The speed factor, though noticeable, shouldn’t cause major problems for most users.


The PaintShop Pro is a very good product, not merely a very good product “for the price”. New features, 64-bit power and a proven interface make the PaintShop Pro X6 a desirable software package that competes well with much higher priced market entries. If users are pressed for time and need better RAW capabilities, then the step-up to Photoshop might be needed, but the large majority of PC consumers will be well-served by the PaintShop Pro.
The “new” look has enough in common with older versions of the software so that the learning (and Comfort) curve is not a challenge. People who already like PaintShop should like this edition even more.


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