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Corel Home Office (or Corel Office) gives you the power to create word documents that are compatible with Microsoft Word for less than you’d pay for MS Office. For years, the popular WordPerfect software was the market leader until MS Word took over the reins.

Corel Office is a revival of the popular WordPerfect platform and many fans of the WordPerfect platform have been waiting for. The software combines other applications such as a PDF converted in its design to make saving in various formats easier than other word processors.


The Corel Office package includes all the applications needed to create professional spreadsheets, documents and presentations. The tabbed toolbars are elegant and doesn’t obscure view of the document. Corel Office is compatible with other leading Office programs such as Microsoft Word.
Built into the program is an automatic PDF file converted, allowing you to save documents in PDF format easily without the need for a second program. The user interface feels familiar so there isn’t a need to relearn how to use it from scratch. Color schemes and language settings are easy to find in order to customize the program.


Corel Office is aimed at a different market than the popular MS Word. Since its price is far more affordable for most people while offering its users much of the same features that they would get from MS Word, Corel’s Office package has a place in the market. What sets it apart is the ability to easily create PDF files without opening multiple programs, saving you time and money. A classic design and good customer support help new users to feel comfortable with the Office suite.


If you want the best then MS Word still firmly holds the title, but if you want something that performs well with the best of them, then Corel’s Office is a good buy that won’t break the bank. The additional features such as the PDF converter make the program versatile and an all in one solution. The user friendly designs which people know already help for an easier transition into using the program over other similar programs.


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