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Apple devices are really secured in terms of software errors and most of them can be fixed via iTunes. However, there’re certain functions that iTunes clearly restricts the users to perform. In this scenario, CopyTrans Doctor might be a handy tool since it performs very simple yet most important tasks that any iPod user needs. It aids the users to fix certain problems or soft-bricks that annihilate the iPods to get started, and it also helps to recover old songs pretty easily from an iPod.


CopyTrans Doctor is considered as a fully operational iPod repair tool. It comes with pretty basic options as well as advanced repairing tools as well. But, be sure, anything that the users do with their devices using this tool will probably lose them their warranty of the Apple products.

  • Fix Soft Broken Devices

iTunes can recover some of the problems related to iPods but it cannot solve them all. CopyTrans Doctor on the other hand can fix a great number of common problems. It can repair malfunctions in the song database of the iPod, soft complications resulted from improper plugging or physical shock. But, it’s important to remember that this software can’t repair severely hardware-damaged devices. In that case, users will definitely look around for hardware-based solution.

  • Recover iPod Songs

Sometimes iPods need to be restored to its factory form when there’s a software problem in it. In that case, users might lose all of their songs and data from it. This software features in recovering the lost songs from iPod using a pretty modern and swift algorithm. But, it cannot recover songs that were deleted couple of months earlier.

After the installation, this program will look forward to detect the connected devices. In order to repair the connected device, it will proceed with the users’ attempt to giving two major options. The first options will conduct diagnosis and looks for hidden and lost songs or files. The second operation is based solely on deleted files and accidentally erased songs and tries to retrieve them back.


The basic version of this program is free and supports up to 10 iPods. However, the Professional version is a little bit costly but considering its vast performance, users won’t regret paying for it.


CopyTrans Doctor is a professional solution if anyone accidentally deletes their files or songs from iPod and this program, though can’t make miracles, but recover some of the missing files and fix complications and malfunctions related to the iPod.


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