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CopyChangedFiles is a high utility and efficient application that allows copying of files that are modified, from one specific folder to another folder. The users need to specify the source and destination folders and those files that have been modified after a specific date, or the date specified by the users from one location to another.


CopyChangedFiles is a highly useful and easy to use application for copying modified files. The application allows users to specify the dates after which the files are to be copied. Users need to select the source and the destination folders and initiate copying of the files after specifying the dates. The date can be the current date and hence all the files modified after the current date are copied or users can specify a date in the past and therefore all the files that were modified after that date will be copied.

The application is highly useful in creating backup copies. Since the users can specify the date after which the files get copied, there is no need to copy all the files in the folder every time a backup needs to be taken. This helps in saving time and efforts. Information such as the date, time and other basic information can be appended to the copied files in the destination folders. Users can also specify which files are to be copied and can choose the files to be skipped based on the file size. Also, instead of using the date and time comparison for copying of files, users can choose the binary compare option. It uses the changes made to the content of the file as a means for differentiating between the new and the old version and then copying the file.

The application is very easy to install and the intuitive interface of the application makes it very easy even for new users to use it efficiently. The program uses low amount of system resources and the performance of the system is not affected due to the application. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


TeraCopy is an application similar to CopyChangedFiles. The application is a highly effective software that allows copying of files from a source folder to a destination folder. The application supports a drag and drop option while selecting the files to be copied and users can also use the Windows explorer to select the files. The application scans the destination folder and gives the option to copy only the older versions of the files or all the files. It prompts the users to specify the action that needs to be taken.


CopyChangedFiles is a simple and yet highly useful application for copying changed files from a specific source folder to a specified destination folder. The application allows users to choose the changed versions of the files on the basis of date and time or binary comparison. The application is useful for taking periodic backups of database without overwriting the unchanged files.


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