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Any individual while using their computer everyday works on a number of documents, folders and emails, and therefore searching any one of the particular file from them would be really time consuming. It causes incompetence and leads to the reduction of the productivity level. Copernic Desktop Search can help at this situation to recover that productivity edge by locating those files right away.


The user interface of the latest versions of the software is redesigned to make the search experience efficient and simple. With more and more data stored on the PC, Copernic Desktop Search is made in such a way that it can eliminate any clutter and also present more search result. The files can be sorted in a number of ways. For example, within a grid system, the user can find every column, by allowing it further control on the search result. The user can view all kinds of categories or move to the other tabs designed for each one of the categories by means of the mouse or the keys. The results display the file name, position, volume, and last modification time for every item. It is even possible to find them by file or date. Moreover, with the increasing use of Google Chrome, this Desktop Search app can sort out the favorites and searching history of Google. The feature of Detailed View has been updated by bringing flexibility to the refine criteria so that it can show only the relevant data to the users.

Additionally, the latest version of Copernic Desktop Search can support double byte characters and it means that some new languages like Mandarin, Hebrew and also the language of Russia are supported. There is also a preview pane where one can get the other keywords within the pane. The most important fact is all users can get technical support along with updates for one year. Also, this software is compatible with all the versions of Windows including Windows 8.


In comparison to the default Windows search feature, Copernic Desktop Search can offer a complete and comprehensive control over the browsing for files in a somewhat simple interface. Although Windows 7 and Windows 8 have high quality search features that would suffice for the standard user, this Desktop Search of Copernic shows search parameters more gracefully than Windows version does. Some other systems that can be an alternative to Copernic are Launchy (direct the programs in the star menu and is able to launch bookmarks, files, etc with some strokes), Everything (shows all files and removable NTFT on the computer) and Agent Ransack (find files on the hard drive with fast speed).


Copernic Desktop Search is one of the free apps that offer an effective search engine on the desktop, particular local folders, local contact, and the browser history and so on. It is able to scan in the files along with attachments. It completes a search job promptly and without any error.


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