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ConvertAll is a useful and simple software application that lets you convert standardised units of measurement, from one notation to another. ConvertAll is available for all versions of Windows operating system viz., Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


ConvertAll is a freeware application that can be directly downloaded onto your computer. It can be used to convert any kind of unit, irrespective of its standardisation. For example, you can convert centimetres into feet, dollars into riyals or any other currency and so on. ConvertAll has a user-friendly interface and is easy to work with. It contains a huge number of options to select from where certain new units have also been added. It also provides you with help options all through the usage and gives you perfect results. ConvertAll has been developed by using new and updated language codes, so that it does not breakdown easily.

It can be easily installed even though you may not be the administrator of your computer. ConvertAll does not allow you to work on multiple units at the same time, which becomes its only disadvantage.


There exist other software applications that function almost same as ConvertAll, namely, Convertbot, Converber, Converter and Convert for Windows. Convertbot is the one of the best used conversion software tools across the globe that has an easy to use and interactive UI design.

Converber has limited conversion options, the limitation being more than 300 entries and works at an average rate. Convert for Windows is a minute program that runs only on Windows platform and can be used to make simple conversions like lengths, currency and weights. Converter restricts its option to a very low level with only a few options to choose from. There are other sources to avail conversion and of all these applications, ConvertAll thus has an added advantage over the competition.


ConvertAll being a free software tool with many advantages, can be used to convert almost any unit to any other unit of your choice. It occupies very little space on your secondary memory (6.7 MB). Also, it does not interfere with the processing time of your computer.


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