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ISP or Internet Service Providers often employ various tactics to reduce wastage of bandwidths and save resources – one such being the practice of dropping connection when a client goes idle for too long. However, the client may be reading a page when this happens and connection needs to be redialed. Connection Keeper helps in maintaining a connection with your ISP server.


Connection Keeper is specially geared towards dial-up users. The user interface is very simple with tabs and menus for various options. The status tab displays all information regarding the Internet connection and Sites tab listing all DNS for sites and associated errors. The software simulates browsing for users by periodically sending data to server at random intervals to reduce idle time and thus ISP is not allowed to drop your connection. The software can also automatically redial a connection if in case it gets disconnected due to some reasons. Automatic pop up windows such as asking for staying online to users can be bypassed by a number of supported techniques – simulated click, keystrokes or sending window message. The software runs in background and is accessible from system tray. The ping messages sent to ISP server to keep connection alive does not consume any bandwidth and can be set to ping at fie intervals or at random. The ability to analyze websites and DNS records helps in error reporting locally or via email and also supports DNS blacklists which inform the user if their IP address or mail server has been blacklisted or not. Command line features include the ability to close individual popup windows and checking for existence of files, as well as downloading webpages. The software comes in a small setup or either in zip file. Error reporting support includes error logs and email forwarding. The software is available for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 including Windows server 2003, 2008 and 2012.


The default windows dial up client dialog box from networking can be configured to auto redial on connection drop but only for a limited number of times. Further it does not provide any remedy to the idle connection drop problems. Apart from this, Connection Keeper is unchallenged and hence a unique offering. To check for black listings, there is a number of software including WireShark, MetaSploit and even browser add-ons, but they do not provide many options.


Connection Keeper is a very unique offering for everyone still using dial ups for some reason. The software avoids connection lost and then also can redial in case of connection failures. DNS and mail server blacklist checking is an added bonus and so are the various command line options for more control over the software.


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