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Comodo Internet Security has emerged as one the most popular free antivirus software and computer security solution in the recent times. This PC security suite combines several effective security tools in a single easy-to-use package.


As one of the latest entrants in the free computer and Internet security market, Comodo Internet Security comes with advanced characteristics such as cloud-based malware and virus scanning as well as behavioral analysis tools designed to combat existing and emerging virus threats. Comodo further provides a strong firewall, efficient sandboxing capacity, and anti-spyware protection all from a single access point that is conveniently easy to use even for an absolute beginner. This security suite adds several unique extras such as its privacy enhancing Dragon browser and the unprecedented SecureDNS service which allows the user to surf not only faster but more securely too. Its free firewall is as effective as the other well known firewalls.
The latest version known as Comodo Internet Security 2013 or CIS 2013 provides further enhancements for complete protection from worms, Trojans, zero-day attacks, hackers, and spyware. In its default settings, all unknown and untrusted files entering the user’s computer are first scanned by cloud-based scanners before they can be executed. All unknown files in a computer with CIS 2013 security undergo behavior analysis by cloud-based scanners and can only be run in a sandbox in the user’s machine to prevent the unknown files from modifying or affecting data and other programs in the computer. The CIS is available in multiple languages and comes free of charge for life.

The major components of Comodo Internet Security include the antivirus, the firewall, the Host Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) which is also known as Defense+ and is very effective against unknown malware, remote assistance through GeekBuddy, killswitch monitoring system that allows users identify potentially dangerous programs, and the Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) scanning and cleaning services The Host Based Intrusion Prevention System is designed to provide protection from unknown viruses and malware. It basically works by restricting access of unknown files to important folders, files, and especially the Windows registry. It uses a system called default Deny protection which prevents any unknown file permission from installing or executing programs unless they are whitelisted on the Comodo’s database.

In the latest CIS 4.0 version, the Defense+ includes a sandbox that isolates and runs unknown applications for added security. The Killswitch is basically an optional monitoring system that identifies and stops potentially harmful programs from gaining access to the user’s computer. The Comodo Cleaning Essentials or CCE is another optional on-demand scanner and cleaner that is included in the CIS suite. The CCE is downloaded and installed separately but can be accessed from within the Comodo Internet Security’s interface. It can carry out a full scan or a custom scan. CCE operates like a Windows Task Manager but with advanced facilities to determine the safety of every running program.


Comodo Internet Security provides a unique kind of functionality that is not available in other traditional computer security software such as Windows Firewall. The Windows security system cannot match Comodo’s advanced anti-virus protection and threat detection capabilities. In comparison to Avast! Internet Security and McAfee Anti-Virus Plus, two of the top anti-virus systems in the world, CIS has a better organized User Interface, can identify possible threats that other antivirus programs fail to notice, and has easier usability than the rest.
CIS is recognized as the best antivirus and firewall program although some users pointed out that the program fails to scan files greater than 20MB. However, this is a problem that can be rectified by modifying the numeric value in the scanner settings. The system comes with a unique Comodo Hopsurf toolbar. Installing the toolbar is optional and the user can opt-out during the installation process. If the user installs the toolbar, he or she will have to accept to be the default search provider. Most people find this a bit restricting but the choice is optional.


The Comodo Internet Security is designed for anyone seeking for better and more advanced firewall than what Windows firewall provides. It is the total security system that includes cloud-based scanning for malware, behavioral analysis for unknown files, anti-spyware, and advanced remote assistance system in one comprehensive solution. CIS further provides a priovacy enhanced Dragon Browser and SecureDNS service. The CIS has been described as the most effective all-in-one internet security program which is simple to use and does not take much of the user’s computer resources. The CIS installer is only 2.7 MB and 132.3 MB for the antivirus, firewall installation files and database, and for live PC support. The Comodo Internet Security has a simple to use interface that uses slide-bars to configure user settings.


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