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Backing up of data for any PC user is a common task and users often opt for free software that just does the job. However, software without good support can be dangerous, especially so if something goes wrong. Comodo Backup is a backup utility, which features great support and technical assistance for its users.


Comodo Backup features a modern UI with tabbed panes (both horizontal and vertical) and an immersive experience, which does away with title-bars and creates a more rich and functional interface. The software features smart profiles which auto detects all common files such as documents, pictures, music, video, emails and even browser profiles and game saved files. Backups are done in various modes, which include differential, incremental, full backups and synchronized backups. The backups are designated a name with auto-complete suggestions which provides easy to remember names. The backup engine was a junk file filter, which automatically discards configuration files, caches, temporary files and other system specific files. The backup can be done on various media such as network and external drives, FTP servers, DVD/CD, ISO and ZIP files and online storage solutions. Backup engine also supports versioning, which is useful to revert back to a previous backup stage as well as mounting support, which means that backups can be mounted as virtual drives. Built-in scheduler allows the user to set custom time to run backup including repeat intervals to automate the task periodically.

Additionally, as standard in other software, the Comodo Backup uses Volume Shadow Copy, which lets the software backup even locked and currently opened files. Backup is uploaded to remote location after compression (to save bandwidth) and encryption (to prevent unwanted data snooping). The software also supports direct viewing of common files such as documents, music and video without downloading the whole content. Apart from these, for system administrators, there is a command line interface with scripting support to perform backups, restore backups, mount and synchronize backups. The initial download entitles the user to use 100 GB online for storage for 90 days after which charges are applicable. The software comes with great support in form of online support such as GeekBuddy system and 24 hours technical assistance. Comodo Backup is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


There are a few alternatives to Comodo Backup with which it can be compared. CrashPlan and Duplicati are two freemium and open-source applications respectively, which provide similar functionality. CrashPlan also offers cloud solutions as backup destination along with real-time sync. Cobian Backup is also worth mentioning which is free for Windows and provides with identical functionalities overall but some of the finer touches are missing.


Comodo Backup is a very rich backup client with a paradoxically simple interface. It covers almost all features for casual and serious users alike along with administrators. Also, it comes with 100 GB free online backup space and great technical.


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