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ComicRack is a visual comic e-book reader app, made for windows. It allows its users to read comics that are saved in digital format onto the computer. It is extremely easy to use, works superfluous and is free of cost. ComicRack is not only an e-book reader; rather it acts as a complete solution for storing and managing comics onto user’s computer.


ComicRack is an e-book reader, or specifically a comic book reader. It might be considered as a different case of e-book reader as it involves more of visual images that are just text. There is a complete range of formats in which the comic books are available digitally; some of these include CBZ, CBR, PDF, ZIP or RAR. Although ZIP and RAR are compressed files format but some are the extensions supported by this application. ComicRack allows its users to read their favourite comic books in those formats, and besides being a reader this application has many other features.

There are zoom modes to accompany your device width in case of a tablet PC, along with auto rotation mode which is designed for similar devices. It includes an inbuilt library manager that lets its users organised all their comics at one place on their computers. Also, the library can be sorted on various basis such as title, rating, publisher and so on, further more users can also give their own rating to a comic which will only be saved onto their computers only. Using this application is quite simple, as it is neatly organised into sections and controls with specific details on the options. Also, it will not be bulging user’s computer as it is very light weight. Some other features of this application includes auto scrolling, bookmarks, adjustment in saturation brightness contrast gamma and sharpness. Additionally, the library management works actively and scans automatically the targeted folder on detecting a change.


Reading comics on computer saved in digital format would be very pleasant. This is quite fairly done using comic book readers. ComicRack is one such application that allows its users to have access to all the digital comic e-books. However, there are many other applications that were intended to do the same job. All of those applications offer to just read the digital comic books, although in case of ComicRack it can also be used as an organised application for comic books. This is the main feature that is not found in any other such application thus making ComicRack to lead in the category.


ComicRack is a comprehensive digital comic book reader that has many great features. When compared with other applications of the same community, this application can be considered as a better option as it also helps users to manage comic book digitally stored onto their computers. This application supports almost all major comic e-book file formats and also has the ability to scan the files inside the compressed packages.


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