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No one can deny the frustration of running a video file and getting a codec error. It’s so time-consuming to look for the codec and then to watch the particular file that it defies the requirement of looking for that video file also. Also, people lose patience looking for codecs in the internet. Most websites often provide falsified files. Even VLC can’t detect all of the codecs. So, a group of community rose above to build a never-ending library of all available codecs to be used and it’s called Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP).


There are not a lot of features to describe about this application since its name say what it does and it does it effectively. This lightweight program installs easily on the PCs and enables the users to playback different formats of video files almost instantly.

  • Lots of Codecs that Support Instant Playback

Many people don’t rely on the default video player of Windows and people often go back and forth among freewares and freemiums. However, VLC did a pretty job of acquiring many popular codecs for running a video file smoothly and it falls short in case of rare video files. In this scenario, Combined Community Codec Pack plays a vital role of supplying all the necessary codecs that any video file is required.

  • Easy to Install and Run

CCCP is a pack of codecs and it easily installs in the users’ PC within just a few clicks. The interface is really simple and it enables a whole bunch of codecs to watch videos in. Many codecs seem to be conflicting (even the popular ones) and CCCP tries to solve this problem upon installing.


K-Lite Codec Pack and Satsuki Decoder Pack are two most popular codec packs besides CCCP. K-Lite Codec Pack is one of the most popular codec packs that has an extended library of different codecs and it can decode a whole bunch of video formats. Additionally, it includes a built-in video player to play the video files as well. Both CCCP and K-Lite Codec Pack receive good developer support and provide pretty impressive performance. However, Satsuki Decoder Pack is quite new but it doesn’t come with a reliable help file.


Although, CCCP doesn’t work on other platforms except for Windows, it does a pretty good job as a community developer program with no ads and being totally free. The latest update also includes LAV filters, xy-VSFilter and MPC-HC, etc. Also, CCCP tries to resolve many conflicting problems that occur during running a video file.


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