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Many times you would come across colors that seem good enough for your webpage, but you might be facing trouble identifying them. Here is an application that helps you identify any color and provides you with complete details about them. ColorMania is a free application and is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.


ColorMania includes the simplest interface that is quite comfortable for all type of computer users. It actually runs as a background application where you can open it anytime and find information about colors. You can choose from different levels of the magnifying option where you can easily focus on a particular spot on different colors available on the screen. With this application, you can easily identify the colors present on web pages, images or any other files on the screen. It is most suitable for web designers, graphic artists and application developers who constantly use colors in their work.

With innumerable range of colors present in HTML, CSS, C++ HEX and Delphi HEX, this application turn your work easier than ever. It allows you to choose your color values in the formats of RGB or HEX values. You also have the option to alter the color’s settings, which include saturation, brightness, tint and strength. It works on top speed and finishes your tasks related to colors in the nick of time.


ColorMania is a simple to use application and remains unique in its nature. But there exists other applications that reach out and complete almost the same tasks. However, quality varies from each application. Some of these applications include Pixie, Instant Eyedropper, gpick and ColorPic. Pixie works basically at providing you the values related to colors. You just have to point your interface to any color of your choice and it shows you the values readily. However, Pixie does not include editing options like ColorMania does. Instant Eyedropper and gpick are color pick tools that also include magnifying options. ColorPic supports diversified use of colors with the palette supporting upto 16 colors at the same time.


ColorMania occupies very little space on your computer’s hard disk drive and it does not consume your RAM speed in any way. It works just fine on any computer and holds positive review from its users.


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