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If you are a web designer or a web developer and is looking to develop simple web page templates with color schemes included, this application might be of good use to you. Color Scheme Designer is a free source application, which is compatible with all versions of Windows operating system.


Color Scheme Designer lets you create simple HTML pages very easily. Loaded with a simple user interface, it can be put to good use by all kinds of developers and designers. You could start working on your color themes by creating a pallet or by choosing a predefined color pallet available in the options. You have the option to adjust your colors based on saturation and lighting. You could also choose from different levels of sharpness, chromacity, tint, shades and strength for your color. It also allows you to choose an option where you could drag your application over to a page and view the variety of colors on which the page is built.

This application includes drag and drop facility of colors so that you can add colors to specified sections in no time. It also saves your preferences where you can create a list of colors and mark them as favorite. But, the number of colors in the favorite list is limited to 14-15. Working at good speed, you can save your partially edited files and resume working on them whenever you wish to. If you wish to use already existing design themes, Color Scheme Designer also includes random themes to choose from.


Color Scheme Designer is an application of great use. However, there are other simple applications like Adobe Kuler, Color Hexa, and ColorPilgrim. Adobe Kuler is a color theme based application from the Adobe group. It is a fast paced application with multiple options to work with. Color Hexa is an application that gives detailed information about any color you give as an input. helps you choose colors based on Hexa format and RGB colors for your web pages. ColorPilgrim belongs to the same genre of color theme applications, but it works as an online website where you have to go online to work with this.


Color Scheme Designer is a very useful application for web developers that speeds up minute processes and reduces your work to a great extent.


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