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Those who are music lovers always have large number of collections of various discs, but at the present age, it is more convenient to keep all the music or songs saved on the PC, rather than on Compact Discs strewn in any places of a house. So, to fulfill this purpose, there comes Music Collector. It is an application which was intended to help users in organizing all the songs that they possess.


The program includes a very clean interface, which would be very simple to work out by any user even if they are beginners. The app is able to record the CDs just by inserting them within the CD-ROM drive. On the other hand, one can look at the barcode or enter the name of the artist as well as title of any disc in order to download the whole data from the online world, including the name of the artist, title of the composition, year of release and track titles. All of the entries are recorded to a side of interface of the app and by clicking any one of the item, the users can find out the further details. For example, it is possible to view number of music, the artist, and genre of the music and size of the disk.

Music Collector 10 brings in the capacity to import the music collection from the iTunes. The whole iTunes collection can be imported and all of the existing data can be retained. The software also enables the users to specify the image of the background that can be applied in the Detail Template. Inserting a Backdrop is also very simple; it is a possible to use Cover Finder of Music Collector in order to place a wide range of various HD backdrops. Another notable feature of the app is the custom views. With Music Collector the users can decide how the whole thing will be exhibited. The layout can be changed by downloading the custom templates and create it as per the choice. The custom views can be created and saved.


One of the alternatives of Music Collector is Delicious Library. With the help of this alternative software, the users can catalog the books, films, songs, toys, video games, software, tools, video games on a good interface. It is also possible to bring in all of the stuff onto the digital shelves by means of iSight webcam. Another similar type of software is myCollections, which is an ideal device to catalog Applications, Games, songs, movies, television program or Adult contents, to the same and exclusive tool. It will make certain that a book is not lost by the user because he has given it to someone. Any movie album, which is to be listened, can be located very easily. The app can also find out the content automatically form hard drive.

Conclusion Music Collector is an application to catalog all music into one package. Numerous albums can be added to it. The songs can be played in various formats like MP3, OGG, and WMA, etc.


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