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Avid movie and sitcom watchers like to archive their collections in local drives for later access to contents whenever they wish to. For large collection, managing individual items and sorting them becomes a problem which is hard to circumvent. Movie Collector for Windows is a cataloging and movie management system for such users.


Movie Collector features a standard UI with hint of modernism with chromeless flat icons and the main window is divided into two horizontal or vertical panes which depend on the layout selected. There is also a traditional menu bar that provides with further options. The movie collection can be browsed in various different formats such as normal view, list view and cover flow which is akin to iTunes. Movies can be organized in virtual or real folders with custom templates and main screen layouts along with fully configurable fonts and other typographic options. There is also a virtual shelf option to arrange the collections. The database can be sorted/ ordered based on any of the fields such as name, year, artists, net gross, ratings, etc. DVDs and BluRays can be cataloged using Title, Barcode along with automatic fetching of pictures from IMDB and automatic data for TV series. There are also batch adding and queue options. Movie entries in database support full editing with existing and user defined fields. There is support for pick lists and wish lists to organize contents. Database entries are auto formatted with automatic capitalizations where necessary. Movie list is backed up using CLZ cloud service and the data can be exported to mobile apps available from CLZ. The list can further be exported to CSV or XML format or setup for print. There is also a built-in loan calculator for loaning out movies and managing the same. It also has full network support. The software is available for all major versions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Windows comes with Windows Media Centre and Windows Media Player. Both feature extensive library support and Media Center has a modern console UI with attractive options. However, it is rigid and cannot be customized like Movie Collector. Further there is no cloud backup or media list exporting support nor feature rich searching and sorting. This makes Movie Collector a much better offering than the default ones. iTunes is yet another candidate for comparison but Appleā€™s offering is similarly rigid with the exception of cover flow animation for browsing. Also, it is geared towards music rather than movies and TV sitcoms.


Movie Collector from is a movie management software packed with loads of features that improve on the default and common offerings. The best of them is the wide options for customizability and loan manager. Also the rich sorting and searching support improves the overall effectiveness of the product.


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