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If someone thinks they falls in the category of extreme gamers, they must always keep track of favourite games by knowing all details like title, developer, date released, versions, requirements, etc. While listing all these for a lot of games seems to be troublesome, thankfully they can now have Game Collector. This software helps the gamer to list details about a game and its database efficiently stores all the data. Even more to that, this software helps to find detailed description of any game. Game Collector lets the user to organize all the game details and to categorise the whole game library.

Features Game Collector is a utility tool which automatically finds game details upon entering the title or just by letting it scan the game barcode. For hardcore gamers, it is often of utmost importance to know details like developer, publisher, version and description, etc. This tool incredibly does its job by stacking all the details entered by the user or downloaded over internet in a categorised manner. User can set this category according to their choice or preference. Arranging all the games in this manner helps the user to find a game easily. Game Collector features an option-rich user interface, which offers a lot of options to choose from to prepare the library, but on the other hand the interface is very intuitive. Large buttons tracks the user to main functions. In the Game Database folder, the user can catalogue the games by title, barcode or set in queue mode. Finding details over internet helps the user to set the right cover image for the game and also to know the hardware specification required for the game. Accessing the library is also very easy when main screen interface is simplistic. This tool offers different options to access the library, such as image view, cover flow or list view mode. Statistics with bar chart and pie chart helps the user to know the performance of a particular game. This tool also enables the user to store all the details in an online storage place so that it can be accessed from a remote place. Sharing details with other devices is also possible with iPhone or Android app.

Comparison Game Collector is a very unique utility tool in its genre for its efficient function. Still there are couple of other software which provides similar function, such as- Libra, feelDWeb Windows, WhereIsIt, etc. However, Game Collector successfully steals the limelight to claim the top spot, being the best user-frindly database collector out in this category.


Storing details for around thousand games can very tiring job when done manually. Game Collector becomes very useful to access and categorise games in an efficient manner. Features like regular data update and properly organizing the details, makes this tool a must for avid gamers to stay on the top spot.


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