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CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig is a utility application which enables users to easily configure their email accounts in various mail applications such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail.


CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig is a simple utility application for configuring email accounts in different email applications. For users who want to configure their mails in applications which include Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail. For configuring email addresses, users have to simply provide their email addresses and the application will do the necessary configuration for mail server ports, SMTP and POP3 servers and other security settings.

The application comes bundled with pre-configured settings for various webmail applications such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail. The software selects and applies the appropriate settings based on the email addresses provided by the users. If users want to configure emails which have not been used earlier, they need to create the account, launch the account and then close it. Subsequently, users are required to skip all the questions displayed while creating the email account in the mail client. Once the application is launched, a window pops up and users need to enter their email accounts in the required field. The display name is suggested automatically by the application and users can choose to change the name. Once the password is entered, the application requires it to be checked thrice before storing the password. The application makes it very convenient for configuring email accounts as all users are needed to do is to enter the email addresses and no other technical settings are required to be done by the users. CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig has a simple interface and supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Email Auto-Setup Tool from Rackspace is an application similar to CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig. It is a web based application and users are required to choose their email settings from POP3 Auto-Setup Tool and IMAP Auto-Setup Tool. This opens as popup window and users are required to save Emailconfig.exe file on the computer and run the application. This will configure the settings for the email application.


CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig is a simple and effective application, which enables users to easily configure their email addresses to various email applications. The application automatically configures settings and users are simply needed to add their email addresses and the passwords. The program also supports various webmail applications and the configuration process does not require any manual settings from the users.


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