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Cloud computing has taken over the online world and so it has raised questions about privacy. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. are all very popular programs for their greater benefit of cloud computing but it risks the security of definite files. Cloudfogger is great program that works like a file encryption tool but exactly for the cloud file storage system.


Cloudflogger is an amazing program considering its features and uniqueness as a file-encryption utility. Many people uses different file encryption tools but very few considers about the risk of sharing it through cloud storage systems since the host like Dropbox or Google Drive can easily peak at users files meaning, the privacy is questioned. So, Cloudfogger comes as a savior.

This program is a cross-platform software which means it’s available for Android and iOS, plus, it supports a wide range of online file storage platforms starting from Skydrive to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. It represents itself as a great solution to cope with the online privacy. Cloudfogger uses Advanced Encryption System (AES) to encrypt all the data while the users tend to share their files. The main task of this program lies before the file going to be uploaded in the cloud storage. Just before the uploading process, it encrypts the entire folder with its subfolders and with its files along with it using its 256-bit AES encryption method. It keeps your files encrypted through the online storage services as well.

Cloundfogger comes with a folder called Autofogg Folder. After the installation process, the users can easily store files in that folder. Any file stored in the Autofogg Folder will always be kept encrypted and can be synched through a lot of online file encryption platforms. Users will still have full control over their other authorized Cloudfogger users.


There are plenty of file encryption tools available in the market but very few have implemented these kinds of unique features like Cloudfogger. GnuPG, AxCrypt, Easy File Locker, etc. are all great file encryption tools but none of them features online file encryption feature just like Cloudfogger. GnuPG is also knows as command-line based tool and it has been pretty renowned for its versatile key management system and easy integration in other programs. AxCrypt on the other hand is a pretty hefty program in file-encryption system. It has simple and effective encryption methods and supports a wide range of languages. It features itself as one of the simplest way to encrypted individual files using its right click encryption method.


Cloudfogger has finally done something for the online privacy so that users can have full access even their files are on the fly and kept encrypted. It’s a really nice tool as a free software.


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