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Clippy is a very useful tool that is used to store the clipboard history for windows application. The tool has a database that it uses to store the clipboard content. All the stored items can be retrieved either by doing a search or by browsing.


Clippy stores all the content that is copied by the user onto the clipboard. The content that is stored can be searched by using a hotkey. It is considered to be a very powerful tool for the developers since most the time copying and pasting multiple items is required frequently. The operating system normally supports copying a single content at a time. This task becomes very tedious if multiple items need to be copied and pasted at a time.

The tool helps to keep all the content copied to be safe and not erased, especially if the copied content is important data. Clippy normally displays the copied content in a pop-up window. The text that is pasted is usually plain text. So any formatting that is present in the copied content is removed. Clippy can also be used to copy files. In this case, the path of the file is stored as text content. This helps to copy the file path onto command line or a file dialog. The tool is extremely simple to install and use. The user has to just download the exe file to any directory and run it. It always runs in the background and the user can exit from the tool by clicking the icon on the system tray.

The hotkey used to display the Clippy pop-up is Ctrl + shift + insert. This popup displays the most recent items that are copied by the user. The required item can be selected by using up or down key and is placed on the clipboard. In order to paste the item the user has to hit the enter key. Other hotkeys include page up or page down buttons to show the history of items that are copied and Ctrl + shift + delete to delete a selected item. If the user clicks anywhere, outside the popup, the popup is hidden. Clippy also provides an option to modify the hot keys that are used for pop-up and also modify the number of items displayed. This can be done by changing the configuration file, which are stored in the Clippy sub-folders.


Ditto, ClipX, ArsClip are some of the other tools that perform the same function, as Clippy but Clippy is known for its ease of use. The setup is very simple and also the exe file is portable.


Clippy is widely used to remove unwanted content in mails or even in pieces of code and save it for later use. At times, it is an overhead to search for the stored content, but Clippy makes it easy for the user to retrieve the stored data with simple hits.



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