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Windows is usually equipped with enough tools to deal with some items in a clipboard. There comes a time when we need to access, cut or paste more than one item at a time, and this is the point where efficiency goes down. ClipMate is the software, which particularly deals with editing, re-formatting and manipulations on multiple data.


From its first look, ClipMate looks like a cumbersome program with loads of command icons to learn. But thankfully it comes with a pretty useful set of instructions in a Help file along with various tutorials to help new users getting used to the software. Some minute features include the display of selected items to be visible on a small clipboard separately. ClipMate remembers all the copying and pasting of data over the clipboard as long as it is properly synchronized. The compatibility of this software is present with any Windows program, which uses clipboard.

A peculiar option in ClipMate is the ‘PowerPaste’ option, which allows selecting and pasting of a large amount of data altogether, or ever separating few pieces of data with line breaks, commas, semi-colons, etc. The database of the software can be searched around for any type of data, be it text, images, bitmaps, files, etc. One can use the ‘Portable’ version of ClipMate to access the saved settings on any other machine via USB drives.


The features of ClipMate are not very repelling from other clipboard utilities, but it can come into play in right situations. Some add-ons exclusively provided by ClipMate include placing important data items in a safe, so as to implement security. Users have the option to configure every keystroke they make in the form of macros.


Though in today’s world, we have a lot of options to opt for, from the list of clipboard utilities, ClipMate can be a very useful opinion, speaking neutrally. The best part about the software is the powerful clipboard options available, along with a strong word processor. Thus it can be recommended for people who have a great deal of data to be cut, paste or manipulate accordingly. Similarly, it allows the user to save or paste unlimited number of copies or any kind of thinkable data to any extent.


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