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Clipdiary is a clipboard managing utility for Windows. It allows the user to access and manipulate the contents of the clipboard. The clipboard acts as a facility for temporary storage for data that is copied, cut and also other transient data, that is required to be transferred between the applications. Clipdiary can store all data that is placed into the clipboard, including the copied files and other information.


Clipdiary is powerful clipboard managing software that continuously records all data that goes into the clipboard. It does this while silently running in the background. The interface is minimal with the main screen reserved only for the major operations and viewing of the contents of the clipboard and the previews of files. The program allows the user to quickly access information placed on the clipboard from anytime in history, since the application has been running. All copied and cut text can be easily recovered for further uses. This also helps in protecting the user if an accidental overwrite of data on the clipboard takes place.

Clipdiary is by default set to launch at start-up and start recording the clipboard activity on the computer. It can be instructed to log all clipboard history that can be easily viewed in the user interface of the program. Data recorded and stored by Clipdiary includes plain text, formatted text (RTF), html links, image files (BMP), and also other files and folders. All temporary data used by the computer is recorded by Clipdiary, and this also includes any screenshots that are taken by the user.

The program can be set up to run discreetly in the background. The default bind is Ctrl+ D to bring up the program. This bind is customizable. Other configuration options for the program include controlling accessibility of the program from the system tray, launch on start-up options, etc. Parts of text on the clipboard (clips) can be exported in the form of a new file. Also, several clips can be chosen to be placed back into the clipboard. Any images present on the clipboard too can be previewed within the program itself.


Older versions of Windows featured a clipbook viewer that allowed the user to perform basic operations related to accessing and managing information on the clipboard. Various software programs now aim to offer a utility to this effect. Ditto, ClipX and Clipcube are some other programs with similar functionalities.


Clipdiary is useful software that can greatly help users that work with a lot of cuts and copied data. It is an essential utility tool that can prevent heavy loss of information.


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