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Clipcube is a very efficient application, which keeps track of all the items in the clipboard. This is a portable application, which keeps track of all the items that are being copied to the clipboard. The items that are copied can be deleted, edited or stored permanently.


Clipboard preferences come with general options like Run at startup and system tray mode. Run at startup options enables the clipboard, whenever the computer is turned on or boot up. System tray mode can be either set to on or off. The interface has the option to keep window on top, auto close the editor, Edit a note on double click and show tool tips option. Show tool tips option is a Help menu, which tells the user how to start using the clipboard. Auto close the editor helps in closing the editor whenever the computer shuts down. The clipboard can also be set to monitor the keyboard by default. This can be either be set to on or off. There is also an option to clear the clipboard stored on Quit. The items to be saved are also customizable by the user. It has a drop down menu wherein; a user can select the items, which they want to save. There is an option to select ‘Enable hot keys, which is a shortcut option using keyboard with the help of ‘Global hot keys’ option. The main menu has 2 panes. The left pane has Clipboard, links and scratch pad. When clicked on the clipboard, it lists the items, which are copied in the second pane. It also lists the date on which it was copied. Link options list the links, which were copied. The right click option gives the facility to ‘edit’, ‘remove’ or ‘open’ in the browser. Selecting the ‘Open’ in browser option opens the link in a new browser.

Also, another useful option, i.e., move to scratch pad option helps in moving the data copied to permanent storage for later usage. These can be segregated as ideas, reference and useful folders respectively. Data to be moved to the scratch pad can be moved to any of these folders. If the copied clip is an idea it could be moved to idea folder. If it is useful data, then it could be moved to useful folder for permanent storage. If it is the data, which is just a reference, then, it can be moved to reference folder.


Arsclip and Ditto are some of the tools, which work like ClipCube. ClipCube is one of the best tools available in the market today, because of its capacity to store the maximum amount of data. The data to be stored is customizable by the end user. This has very easy settings, options and once set, it can be used to look up the data stored in clipboard for further usage.


The automatic removal setting of the data is the best setting, because it frees up the space and it automatically removes the data based on the setting of the customer. This saves a lot of time in clearing the unused data. All these make ClipCube one of the easiest to maintain system tools.


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