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Clipboard Master is software, developed by Jumping Bytes specifically to deal with all the complications that arise after an over-use of clipboard and to organize the clipboard in a better and refined manner. While working on windows, we use multiple tabs, and copy and paste is a widely used tool. Every time we copy and paste any item, our clipboard comes in use. At certain times, we need to revisit the items for again pasting them at some different location; and, for the same, Clipboard Master comes as a handy tool.


Clipboard Master is specifically designed to deal with your clipboard in an efficient and in a manner, which is easy to use. This software keeps all the data that you copy, the previous data that you once used, which includes images, text files, and any data which was copied in the clipboard, and makes a list out of all this data. It stores all this data in a list with a certain name and user can easily get the required data from this list, as of when you need. It also arranges your text file modules and inserts them in any program whenever you ask for them.

Clipboard Master can deal with multiple pasting of items, and even a certain part of any data. User can even look within the list through search tool. It also lets you take screenshots of the items in the list at any time. There are tools, which set templates for the text, and helps in an automatic completion of the text. These days, we are always concerned with our privacy, which includes the safety of our personal data, ids and passwords that we use. Clipboard Master also has a tool, which specifically deals with the passwords and keeps them safe.


There are similar software in the market that perform the same action as Clipboard Master does. These softwares include Ditto, ClipX, ArsClip, ClipMeNU and Parcelite. The good thing about Clipboard Master is that it was developed after these softwares, and it has in a way, dealt with all the errors that once arose in those softwares. Clipboard Master has a tool for the fixed clipboard, which can be used manually too. Though, Clipboard Master does not allow the use of the left-handed mouse, and it works together, the keyboard-mouse combination, when you use a right-handed mouse. It’s difficult to use Clipboard Master if you prefer working with your left hand.


Apart from the only con, i.e. not having the options for left-mouse combination, Clipboard Master is perfect software for maintaining your clipboard. This software provides a good platform and a better listing of the data that you copy and paste, and is never slow, or messes with the speed of the computer.


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