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Clipboard magic, developed by CyberMatrix is a freeware software developed to access the previous cut and pasted items altogether. The peculiar quality that separates it from other similar software is that it allows access to all previous cut and pasted items, rather than just the recent ones.


The software is equipped with some attractive and user friendly features. To get started simply, Clipboard Magic is a Windows Clipboard archiving tool. This means that anything put up in the Windows clipboard is implicitly added to the Clipboard Magic. In addition to this, the data and messages can be copied back to the clipboard simply with a click of the mouse. Clipboard magic is an easy to use tool for those who have a lot of data entry kinds of work, and deal in seamless manipulations of the data. Text here, in this software can be listed and be added manually, according to the user’s needs, and is saved to the Clipboard lists for further use. Extended features of this freeware are drag and drop, for maximizing the potential of user-friendly interface, where one can also select serial paste keys, etc. Add-ons like search, replace, stay on the top of the windows and viability to suspend archiving improve the real time experience some way or the other. Clipboard magic has been devised on the thought that it could support maximum machines, and thus it is equipped with the ability to run on many languages.


There are many clipboard utilities available on the Internet with similar pricing and features. But the performance provided by this little tool is unmatchable. For example, contrary to ClipX, Clipboard magic can automatically save large amounts of data to itself and sit idle in the tray when not being used. It can allow the user to avoid re-typing everything as it could simply provide the data with a single click, and paste it using the shortcut.


Contrary to the popular belief, this clipboard extender utility, a third party application can drastically improve the performance and productivity of one’s cutting and pasting. The real use of this application comes in when there are loads of web forms of similar type to be filled. The clipboard comes with numerous number of utilities, for every possible need one can think of.


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