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ClearLock is screen locker utility program that enables its users to secure their desktops by having a transparent shield on the screen. It features a security scheme in which screen automatically locks with a transparent screen. However, user can still see some part of the screen application when it’s locked.


ClearLock is a lightweight application that was created to block superficial attempts of privacy breach of a computer, it cannot be regarded as a complete security solution, since it allows its users to lock screen only and there is not any advanced option available for the additional security. In spite of this, it is quite a useful software as it is very lightweight thus can be installed to any system. Also, it is very easy to use and configure. Its main feature include its ability of being able to lock the screen, by having a protective screen overlay on the current running screen, this sounds good from user’s perspective as in case users privacy. There are various parameters that can be controlled and configure in the application, which forms its features. Users can adjust lock screen transparency as per they wish to, however standard settings will work for most of the users. There is an option for changing password along with dedicated settings to change the lockout policy; lockout policy refers to the timeout or a special key that will lock the screen. There are several other options such as defining maximum number of failed login attempts, custom message on the lock screen, custom background or color, etc.


ClearLock is a screen locking utility, which is packed with many great features. Its main feature is to provide a lock screen to maintain a privacy level for the computer. This application can be considered as an upgraded version of the windows 8 inbuilt applications. There are several advanced options in clearLock that makes it a better app, than the application already installed in the windows 8 system. When compared some of the features such as password change, screen transparency settings, custom message on lock screen, etc. are not found in the conventional application. However, users can enjoy all of these features in Lockscreen application. This application can also be considered as one of a kind application as no other application besides the inbuilt app is developed so far.


ClearLock is a screen lock application that was developed with the idea of deliberating the privacy of the user; it was made to enhance the idea of Windows 8 system app. It has many great features that compel the users to use it. It runs with a glitch, thus does not affect the overall system performance, and runs with ease on any configuration. However, some issues might still come up regarding the compatibility. ClearLock is a one of a kind app that has been developed so far, it is quite good with its basic functionalities.


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